The Acadamy Project

We have set it as our goal to support young and ambitious teams. For this purpose we have created the Academy Project.

Are you motivated and willing to get going? Then join us today!

What are the requirements for you?

– At least 16 years old, for games FSK / USK 18 at least 18 years old

– No banned accounts / profiles (VAC, ESL, Faceit, ESEA, etc.)

– Teamspeak mandatory for games and training sessions

– Regular participation in Team Training

– Fair and sporting behaviour in general

– Weekly status report to the management

– Fixed lineup within 4 weeks

What can you expect from us?

– War-Server

– Teamspeak 3 Channel

– Discounts on Clan products

– Internal Events


What information do we need from you?

Which game do you sign up for?

Team members: first name, nickname, surname, age, country

Player role (team captain, player)

steam link

If existing, ESEA, ESL, Faceit, Cevo, etc. Profiles

Write us an e-mail at: