LAN-Event Team Fight by Hearthstone Hungary


We are not really happy with the organisation on the LAN-Event Team Fight by Hearthstone Hungary.
In the beginning everything went good, overall there were 14 members, which were divided between 4 groups (3 with 3 members and 1 with 5 Members).

After this matches the organiser said that we can go to eat, so we had the time for lunch because the group with 5 member didn't finished yet and after the break the first 2 from each group would be raffled in 2 new groups.

When we arrived back from lunch, the organiser said that the 3rd group is still not have ended, but we can play the first match in the new group.

So we started to play the first match, it was 1-1 when a new organiser (the guy, who was the main organiser had to leave at 3 pm, and forgot to say that the place is ours until 6 pm.) came up to us and said this match has no pot, because we don't have time for this format, and we change the format!

now the 3 first team will be playing in a 3 member group and the winner will be the winner of the whole cup. For us it could be good, but the 2nd teams sucked it, then the decision was changed.
The Final should be offline and now it will be online Final with Livestream.

We are not happy with changing the format in an active Event and that the main organiser left the event without any information by the right time! The Organization wasn't good at all.



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