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14.03.2017, 22:24 email offline quote 

Only people from Hungary can join the Event #1

Post here the infos and here you get the code:
Fanmiles code: Teams or Player what play in the event or other before the have to give us a new code!

Sign up Infos: ALL this infos we need!!!
E-mail from player
FB link if you have
Player 1 NAME + Battel tag + Fanmiles code

Admins Contact:

Question pls only in english

Noir Clanmember
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registered: 12.10.2009
14.03.2017, 23:34 email offline quote
sandorviktor budai + budaisanyi99#2668 + coyjr3d5qu

Noir Clanmember
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16.03.2017, 22:43 email offline quote 

Name : Fülcimpa
Battle Tag : 2442
Code: g4gb40d9o0

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16.03.2017, 23:17 email offline quote 

fb link:
Dénes Bálint
fanmiles code: he8gg0fap1

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registered: 17.03.2017
17.03.2017, 07:14 offline quote 

Ballér Krisztián

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18.03.2017, 23:07 offline quote 

Szécsi Dávid
fb link:
HS battle tag: mastah#2281
code: pz2ya0d8ym

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19.03.2017, 13:58 offline quote 

Speier Farkas
fb link: https://www.facebook.c...le.php?id=100007910356679
HS battle tag: Spefa#2201
code: r920jro704

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30.10.2017, 10:26 offline quote 

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