Title: Test


Albania team a Draw Albania team b
17,0 Points set (50 %) 1,0 Points On draw (13% ) 7,0 Points set (38 %)
Quote: 1.110 Quote: 1.108 Quote: 1.205
Open up to: 11.07.2017, 15:57 (Open)
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Nickname Bid On team
Germany Noir5,0 Pointsteam a
Germany Noir5,0 Pointsteam b
not available yoda10,0 Pointsteam a
Germany myRevenge1,0 Pointsteam b
Germany myRevenge1,0 Pointsteam a
Germany myRevenge1,0 PointsDraw
not available mankkatimo1,0 Pointsteam b
Germany Sloyner1,0 Pointsteam a

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